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Welcome to our homepage for Homeless United International and supporting the Give Me Shelter concert. Using the hyperlinks below you should be able to find food, shelter, or jobs in the U.S. in less than  presses on your smart phone or other device.  We hope you will share this site with everyone you can who needs help. It is important to preserve people’s dignity and belief in themselves. It is not a handout – but a helping hand outstretched that gives someone the knowledge we love and care for them – to help others – help themselves.

Lorraine Stahlberg and John Bell- founders of Homeless United International


Update February 11, 2020
Free Spirit is now with the angels. She was taken by cancer January 29,2019

The links below still work but are swarmed with people . Hopefully before summer we can set up a new server and there will be faster access.

Feed Me
Give Me Shelter
Find a Library
Where Can I Find a Job?

Homeless United International
Homeless Aid Concert 2016

Give Me Shelter in Chicago


The links on our are swamped. I have fixed the main page and they all work but it takes sometimes minutes to get through. If you are in Chicago and can read this – here is where you can go to escape the -60 now temps. They are trying – take with you anyone you care about and get out of the cold. Meals- a dry and warm place – God be with you – my prayers are for all struggling through this.
Update August 1, 2018

Almost 8 days in the Intensive Care Unit and my doctor told me I nearly died. My lungs shut down and they had to put an extra heart in me (aorta pump) and I drifted in and out of consciousness. I finally woke up and I heard the sounds of a harp- a woman sitting playing by my bedside. I thought I had really lost it but was told she does that and it calms those of us in critical condition.  When I was helped by my friend Thomas Durand – who had been homeless with me in a shelter in Monterey, I could barely make it up 2 steps and was in terrible pain and I thought .. well. I prayed and God has given me my 9th life – so again – after 5 years at this I continue. Lorraine Stahlberg passed away on Jan 28 and she stood beside me as I struggled for years. Thank you Rainy – and as I promised you – I will not stop trying to help the homeless or somehow get that concert in Monterey to make people aware and how they can help, until someday we are together in a better place.


Update April 26, 2018

Another day – the challenges remain – to help the homeless throughout the world – to create World of Twine and use a large part of the money to fund the Give Me Shelter concert in Monterey, California. I prayed last night for one nights rest without bad dreams and peace and well being. I slept for ten hours for the first time in years. My doctor told me after my Cat Scan – “John – you don’t have cancer like we thought. The tumor you had which was fairly large is just not there anymore.” Now, I thank God and it is my turn to show in my life how grateful I am for another chance.

Look in
To the eye of the storm
Look out
For the force without form

Force Ten – Rush

John Bell
Homeless United International
John Bell and Lorraine Stahlberg- founders of Homeless United International
Give Me Shelter Concert – Homeless Aid

A VR project and book to help finance both Homeless Aid and Give Me Shelter

Update November 8, 2016

As the holiday season is on us, and winter is upon us, it will become more challenging and difficult for the homeless. The work continues despite some huge setbacks healthwise and these are hard times – not only in the U.S. but around the world. The website is still under construction and we missed our concert date for Give Me Shelter. I tried to get The Rolling Stones to do it in Monterey but they had a mega concert further south in California. We still have the support of all the groups we had before as well as many in Washington, D.C. The problems is an emergency in Los Angeles – now 1 in 3 are women and there are great number of children homeless. I was told by a friend – Charles Purcell in D.C., who is trying so hard and has some real challenges, that he still wants to do this. He has told me not to give up – and that all things take time.

They do. It will cost us upwards of $50,000 of our own money to do the concert – and try to set up HUI – in Monterey. It is pouring rain here in Monterey – maybe that is a hint – no concert until there are clear skies again. Thank you visiting and feel free to comment. Personally, I am raising money for this by writing and selling books and game design to get the dollars we need.

Over one billion people are without adequate shelter or food in the world. Most of these are women and children.  You can be a part of this and send you enquires and suggestions to

John Bell – Director – Homeless United International

Voices of those who have given up haunt me and will never let me rest – until more is done.


Another Day in Paradise – Phil Collins – “Oh Lord, is there nothing more anybody can do  Oh Lord, there must be something you can say.”

138,725,858 views – someone is watching and waiting and cares – now to somehow give them a way to help.



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Give Me Shelter – “If I don’t get some shelter, Lord,I’m going to fade away.”
Getting a lot of traffic on this – some delay on video after sound starts.  Not just in the United States – all around the world – the voice of the poor, the homeless, women, children, and men calls to every heart that will listen -” help me to help myself.”

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