Abuse can come in many forms. Children, women, the elderly, even men can be living in an abuse situation. Divorce can be a traumatic situation and while many divorces are no fault, often it is a double fault situation in which both people contribute to abuse and pain which not only ends the marriage but can cause permanet psychological damage to both.

If you are a female, there are much more resources. If you are a male, and there are situations in the U.S. where males are abused, beaten, and even killed by wives. Yet, in reality, women’s abuse can occur any including sexual harrassment and discrimination. The philosophy separate but equal should be considered in all relationships.

As this website continues to grow as well as the organization which is in its infancy, there will be pages and numbers to call here for those trapped and need help and a way to get out of an abusive situation.



(I try to keep this current – click about for Salvation Army locations)

Because of domestic violence and abuse women after years of enduring great mental and physical pain must finally flee for the lives of themselves and their children.

Then they must find a place of safety, food, and warmth and try to begin to rebuild a shattered life.

Part of the focus of Homeless United is for women and their chidlren to try and not only find the resources but to train and help women to build upon the ashes of a broken life.

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