Sharing Our Hearts

So many of us have been through some things so very personal and special sometimes, it is hard to tell them to others. But I swear, like with the loss of my “sister” who passed away – people would tell me and not just you’ll be better or it will get better or my condolences (not cutting it) they would say

I understand because it happened to me and I know, I know what you are going through.  Well, it is so hard to even talk about some things. And if you are laying in a shelter with a child and they look up and say – when are we going home?  Can you say – can you tell them- we don’t have a home and I don’t know how we are even going to get food.

I have been talking to people and I am telling you- it helps people to hear what you have been through – so please send in comments as stories – they are all moderated and you can tell me what parts to put up.

Sharing your thoughts you can do with a stranger – but when you share what is in your heart of hearts those who deserve to hear it -it helps others to endure what they must.

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